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I’m happy to supervise postgraduate research students working in the following areas: phytolith analysis, human environmental interactions, plant domestication and the early dispersal of agriculture, landscape archaeology and Formative cultures of the Americas.


These are the courses that I generally teach at Exeter:

  1. Sustainability and Collapse in Past Societies ARC2113 / ARC3123
  2. South American Prehistory ARC2115-3115
  3. Palaeobotany ARC2512-3512
  4. Archaeological Fieldschool ARC20004
  5. Human Environmental Interactions ARCM401
  6. Research Methods and Archaeological Theory ARCM100

Research supervision:

I supervise research MA and PhD students in the following subject areas:

  1. Latin American Archaeology (in particular lowland South America)
  2. Archaeobotany (in particular phytolith and starch grain analysis)
  3. Coupled human and environment systems
  4. Climate Change Archaeology
  5. Plant Domestication, Dispersal of Agriculture
  6. Peopling of the Americas

Research Students


Josie Handley: «Testing the resilience of traditional agriculture in the Peruvian Andes to periods of climate change and human activity».

Felipe do Nascimento Rodrigues: «Many Rocks, Many Functions? Investigating Stone Raw Material Selection, Use and its Socio-Economic Implications for Southern Jê prehistory in South Brazil».

Bastiaan van Dalen: «Comparing pre-Columbian land use in Amazonia and the Maya» (prelim title).

Recently completed PhDs:

Regina Gonda (2019): «Pre-Columbian Land Use and its Modern Legacy in the Purus-Madeira Interfluve, Central Amazonia»

Lautaro Hilbert (2017): «Investigating Plant Management in the Monte Castelo (Rondônia- Brazil) and Tucumã (Pará-Brazil) Shell Mound Using Phytoliths Analysis».

Daiana Travassos (2017): «Dark Earth Plant Management in the Lower Tapajos».

Jonas Gregorio de Souza (2017): «Pathways to power in the southern Brazilian highlands: Households, communities and status at Southern Proto-Jê pit house settlements».

Jennifer Watling (2014): «Environmental Impact of the Pre-Columbian Geoglyph Builders of Western Amazonia».

Ciprian Ardelean (2013): «Archaeology of Early Human Occupations and the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition in the Zacatecas Desert, Northern Mexico».

Rafael Corteletti (2010): «Upper Canoas Archaeological Project: A Study of the Jê presence on the Santa Catarina Plateau» (CNPq PhD Studentship, MAE-USP (São Paulo, Brazil), University of Exeter (started 2010).

Work groups

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