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We had plenty of things to celebrate at the Centre for the Archaeology of the Americas in 2013. Bruce Bradley got his Chair in Experimental Archaeology, Jennifer Watling won the Scopus Young Researcher UK Award and Jose Iriarte with colleagues from Reading and Sao Paulo got a large AHRC-FAPESP grant on 'Je Landscapes of southern Brazil' among many other accomplishments. We were also pleased to receive Brazilian PhD students Jonas Gregorio de Souza, Lautaro Hilbert and Daiana Travassos who are now making the Laboratory of Archaeobotany a strong international research community. 





From left to right Maria Clara Iriarte, Cecilia Manosa, Lucio Gablinger, Inon Gablinger, Marisa Lazzari, Daiana Travassos, Jennifer Watling, Alan Outram, Carlos Salgado, Sean Goddard, Bruce Bradley, Sue Goddard, Cindy Bradley and Jonas Gregorio de Souza. 






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